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Education that prepares students for tomorrow begins today in the School District of Janesville. Graduates of the Janesville International Education Program (JIEP) are well-equipped to enter top universities and to succeed at every level in school and beyond. They emerge knowing how to learn, grow, and thrive in environments that promote the development of skills that are critical for the 21st century. That knowledge is grounded in their experience with Janesville's rigorous, standards-based academics and inclusive, welcoming community.

Our Mission

The Janesville International Education Program actively promotes global awareness and understanding; welcomes international students and faculty; and enriches our community to interact seamlessly in a global society.

Your Impact

We welcome our guests to observe the different international programs that are offered and encourage participation in seeking a global perspective.  Everyone has an opportunity to influence international education and enrich their community. Whether participation takes place through studying abroad, hosting an international student, providing instructional or emotional support to visiting students and their families, to building bridges through friendships, business connections or other forms of support, each person can add their footprint to the global landscape.

A Message from a participating family:

M​y 12​-​year old daughter ​shared this after the Chinese students we had for dinner gave us a gift​: ​She said, "I don't know why they brought us a gift they have already given us a gift of friendship, a new experience learning about another culture and it was just a privilege to spend time with them."

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