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Am I eligible to apply?

To apply, you will need to find the following information and answers:

  • Can I get a passport to leave my own country?
  • Do I meet the standards to get a visa for travel to the United States?
  • Can I prove that I am physically and emotionally healthy?
  • Will I have enough money before going to the United States to pay for fees?

Visit the US Department of Homeland Security to learn more.

You must provide an official immunization record and full medical report by your physician/doctor that contains the information on our Health Form.  And you must provide proof of adequate health and travel insurance prior to leaving your home country.  Click on this Health Insurance link for all the mandatory minimum requirements of coverage.

You and your parents will be responsible for costs including but not limited to the following:


Amount (USD)

Tuition & Fees


Room and Board


Required Health and Travel Insurance (one year)

     $   500 est.

Visa and Passport Fees

     $   400 est.

Travel to and from Home Country


Books & Supplies

      $ 1,000 est.

Personal Expenses

      $ 2,000 est.

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