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Application Form

  1. The application MUST be completed in English
  2. We recommend you first review the application questions, then prepare your responses on a separate document and finally transfer them into the online application form.
  3. Your parents will be required to sign the application electronically as well just prior to submission
  4. Your responses will NOT be saved until all questions have been answered and submitted.

Teacher Recommendation Letter

Print this form and give it to your English teacher.  This document is confidential and they should return is to us directly.  Instructions and addresses for returning the form are on the letter.


Take TOEFL test and turn in your score.  School District of Janesville school code is 7586


Your school must provide official transcripts of course and grades from the past two consecutive years of schooling.  The documents must have an official school seal or stamp and a signature from the principal or headmaster.  Your school must provide a copy translated into English and provide the grading scale used.  Your school must send your transcripts to SDJ directly via email to jiep@janesville.k12.wi.us or to the following mailing address listed under additional  documents.


An overall C average, or 2.0 Cummulative GPA (grade point average) by SDJ grading standards is the minimum required for participation in the Janesville International Education Program.

With your transcripts, your school MUST send the list of all courses in which you are currently enrolled and grade/marks for the most recent marking period

Health Forms and Immunization Records

The health forms and Immunization Records should be filled out by your physician/doctor and he/she can not be a relative.  We must have record of your immunizations as well.

Bank Verification Form

This bank verification form needs to be completed and returned along with the other forms.

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