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Mission, Vision, Goals




Provide diverse cultural experiences that prepare students to live as well-informed global citizens 


JIEP will promote cross-cultural understanding and develop strong future thinkers by providing rich and engaging connections between local and international students.

For Our Students—

JIEP will provide opportunities to build dual language competency, facilitate authentic friendships, and provide a rich academic experience.

In Our Classrooms—

JIEP will welcome international students to explore cultural diversity and share global perspectives with local students.

For Our Teachers and Their Global Partners—

JIEP will collaborate with partner schools to develop and share curriculum and classroom resources that serve an international student audience.

For Our Host Families—

JIEP’s host family network will offer a variety of cultural, community, and non-academic immersion experiences to international students in a safe and caring home environment.

For Our Community—

JIEP will provide opportunities to engage community members in sharing knowledge, culture, and global perspectives. JIEP’s graduates will be future participants in the areas of higher learning, business, and community leadership.


Expand our international connections to include two new countries each academic year. 

Provide opportunities for international collaboration between students and staff in each of our District's schools and our sister schools.

Offer scholarships for students within the School District of Janesville to travel internationally.