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Host Families

Our year-long International Students live with Janesville host families for the time they are studying here. Janesville host families open their homes, invite the international students to become part of their families for the year.  Renee Cawkins wrote, "We have been a host family for the last five years.  Having international students in our home has brought so much pleasure, joy, and a better understanding of a larger world.  These students come as strangers, but leave with a piece of our hearts.  We grow to accept, understand, and cherish their differences in both cultures and manners; and they grow too, in understanding and acceptance." 

Those students who come for a short-term immersion camp, frequently have an overnight stay with a local family who hosts them for a weekend visit.  Sometimes it is one student with a family for a weekend, while other families host two or three students. 

For each of these, long or short term, the District provides a reimbursement to help cover the costs of the student's stay.  If you, or someone you know, would like to consider becoming a host family to an international student, please contact us.