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The School District of Janesville and the administrators of the JIEP program are working closely with our city, state and federal government officials as we move forward in light of the on-going pandemic. 

Currently, our schools are closed for face-to-face instruction. Some of our students from China have remained in Janesville with their host families.  Our summer camp programming is cancelled for 2020 but are expected to resume in 2021.

JIEP staff is examining and re-engineering our processes and programs based on what the government, school district, and partner schools need. 

The safety and education of our student guests are our top priorities

Please check here for updates or reach out to Dr. Robert Smiley or Mary Christensen for information.



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Federal Child Find Notice

Child Find Notice is a special education program to locate and screen all children with suspected disabilities who are residents of the School District of Janesville.